Wednesday, January 8, 2014


The 4th & Final Generation
By Snake Blocker, Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas

Four generations ago, many Apache elders from various tribes came together on a night when the full moon bled with the color of blood.  They had many disturbing visions and foretold of a time to come. It was foretold from their visions that in the end times, Turtle Island would spew back the blood that stained and stench its core. The red moon would shift and the seasons would reverse.  Turtle Island would swallow up many people and others would die from its falling mountains. The smell of death would over power the smell from the blossoms of flowers.  The reign of the land kingdom creatures and sky kingdom creatures would turn on mankind with both violence and disease.  The red men from Underworld would unite once again and the ancient ancestors would regain their spirits.  The Apache elders foretold of much struggle and lose of land by the Invaders and the Pale Face.  The elders spoke of the forth generations being the last to see the vengeance of the One Creator and the final destruction of Turtle Island and all that roamed it.  The final signs would be told by the bear, the wolf, the coyote, the frog, the eagle, the hawk, the owl, and the raven. They would warn the Apaches, and speak to them, as they did in the past.  The old ways would return, but it would be too late to smoke the peace pipe.      

I have heard many variations of this prophecy over the past twenty years, from both Apache and other Natives.  Some recall visions being the same or similar to those of the ancient elders.  We are the fourth generation, since the oral stories go back as far as the 1600s.  One hundred tribes living one hundred years are considered one generation of the four great Apache Regions.  History speaks of at least seventy tribes of Apache bloodline and about thirty tribes being wiped out prior to that count.  I receive continuous communication from around North and South America with stories of visions and signs that speak of such things.  Below is a common recent communication from a native named Spirit Wolf about his signs and his visions; read without prejudice:

 “Since November 2013, we have been hearing some rather strange sounds which we believe is coming from Mother Earth. Usually, no matter the temperature outside, I sleep with the window open.  Last month in December, I did notice that the sounds began again, on the full moon. The sounds have a horn type sound to them, and another has a type of a howl tone to it.  I had found out those sounds have been heard all over the globe, so I became very interested in finding out what they could be. We have been in this area for 15 years, always sleeping with a window open, even through hurricanes, not once had we heard those sounds. Even a 97 year old elder said she had never heard such a sound.  Now if you listen to the scientist, they say it is not coming from earth, sky, or space; the latter two I agree with, however we could actually hear the sound rising up from the ground.  Once it is in the air, it seems to surround you and is very hard to tell where it is coming from. I have found two sources that have the same sounds.  One is harmonic quakes sounds.  A friend asked me why they would deny the fact that earth is making the sounds. I believe they know that Earth is speaking, but don't want to send people into a panic and cause them to lose control of their prepping needs.  Very soon people will have to learn to live as the people once did in order to survive the new life.   In visions for the past two years, I have seen three bears. First, only walking on the road, later they began to come in and turn to elders. They spoke to me; showed me things I believe are to come.  I saw death of many people. This bothered me and left me feeling heavy; then I saw those who survived working together as they once did.  In one vision, I saw what looked like snow.  A bear came and told me it was from a volcano.  The bear came in as we prepared things to keep the ash out.  The bear turned to me and said we must hurry; the time is close.  I was thinking the bear meant to hurry with the task we were doing. I said, “We are almost done,” and the bear put his hand on my shoulder and said, “No, the time is close.” I said the sounds began in November and we have been cutting down trees for fire wood.  In one of those trees we cut, was a shape of a bear.  As I said I have listened to recordings of sounds like this--many of them. I studied them closely and what was being said. Some people may think it is UFOs.  Some even think they are big foot sounds.  However, if they listen carefully to each sound, one can tell it is of the earth!  Harmonic quakes, of course, usually come with lava moving. I am still reading about them so at this point it could also simply be moving of the plates.  We also heard a sound that was much like a howl. I know what coyotes sound like.  This was not like them.  I often listen to them. I love the way they sound.  It is not a wolf.  There is none here. I have traveled to many countries. I have stayed in some foreign places a year--others longer. I have heard the rumble of quakes coming and these sounds are not like that.  However, it does fill the air with a scent, as of those from the smell of mold, old roots, or minerals, but it didn't come from such.”

Some say there is craziness to such nonsense talk.  Some believe something very close to these old stories will come to pass.  Some don’t know what to believe.  Before you discredit such old Native stories from the past elders, hold fast your tongue and wait and see.  For those that hear what I’ve heard from many people around the Americas, and for those that have shared the visions of our great ancestors as I have—Prepare my friend, prepare!

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Apache Knife Fighting & Battle Tactic 10

By Snake Blocker, Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas

Dragon, Dragon Slayer, Thunderbirds and Purity in Water

Many moons ago, when Dragon waged a series of wars against the Apache Nation, the Apache people prayed for aid from the One Creator.  The Apaches had played drums and flutes, danced, sang, and meditated for blessings from above.  During the first four seasons of war, the One Creator sent the Great Eagle to teach and aid the Apaches in battle.  For a time and a season, the Apaches and the sky creatures kept Dragon and the land creatures at bay, beyond Blood Valley.  For a time, there was peace.  Then Dragon came back with vengeance and he had taught the land creatures to make many violent sounds, for the land creatures had forgotten how to speak as the Apaches did.  Dragon had forbidden such language to be spoken shortly after they had arrived from Underworld to Turtle Island.  The day of Dragon’s return was once again upon the Apaches in a battle that destroyed not just many Apaches, but many of the sky creatures and the forest, which sheltered the Apache’s home front.  The giant red trees were being destroyed which awakened the great Thunderbirds.  The Thunderbirds began battling Dragon and his land creatures, but Dragon made a great trap with the torn bushes and fire which killed every one of the Thunderbirds.  Although the Thunderbirds and the Apaches never were allies, the Apaches honored their memory by placing their images on the rocks and in their pottery after this battle.  Dragon and the land creatures had chased the Apaches to the edge of a precipice and the Apaches were about to be slaughtered.  The Apaches knew their end was near, and formed a great circle, held hands and began to dance as one.  They submitted to the will of the One Creator who had control of everyone’s destiny.  This submission pleased the One Creator and he sent His Son, the one they called Dragon Slayer.  Dragon Slayer came down from above and appeared in the circle of the dance, as the Dragon was approaching.  Dragon Slayer pointed to the mountain, and the mountain moved.  The mountain was covering a great mass of water.   Then the water, which was no longer contained by the great mountain, flowed at Dragon and the land creatures.  The great water pushed Dragon until he came to the opening, from which they came up from Underworld.  Dragon fell into Underworld, as the waters subsided.  The Apaches covered the entrance with many stones including gold and silver, which sealed it up.  The Apaches rejoiced and water was known as the purity of salvation, given from above.   The water of Turtle Island would be the cleansing of many illnesses and wounds.  Water would take away many impurities, including impurities in the spirit world.   
When going to bed, some Apaches place a cup of water next to their bedding.  At night, as impurities of the spirit world set in to influence the mind, the purity in the water pulls it in and holds it in the cup.  When the Apache wakes up, fine particles are seen in the cup, which are representative of the impurities.  The Apache then throw out the water to South Wind to take away.  The practice is similar to the concept of the Dream Catcher, which many Native Americans place above their bed.          
In modern times, the Apaches would take portions of lakes and rivers and place spikes and spears at the bottom of the waterbed and place un-passable barriers around the entrapment.  The Apaches would lure their enemies into such areas to meet their end.  As the entrapment destroys the enemy, so the water drowns out the impurities of the battle, and covers the wrongdoings of mankind.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Apache Knife Fighting & Battle Tactic 9
By Snake Blocker, Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas

Tumble Weed Comes to Turtle Island

When the Apaches, land creatures, and sky creatures came up from Underworld to Turtle Island, they went about and explored the North, South, East, and West.  At that time, all lands were connected and there was no separation of oceans.  They discovered new tree, plants, herbs, and flowers but they missed their old diet, medicines and color dies.  The Apaches went back to Underworld and gathered seeds from all the vegetation that formed their diet, medicine, and dies.  They brought them up in bags and baskets to Turtle Island.  When they were finishing gathering the seeds in Underworld, Tumble Weed spoke to the Apaches and said, take me up to Turtle Island for I am lonely down here in Underworld.  An Apache elder said, we have no need of you in Turtle Island, for there are many new plants, trees, and flowers that are much more pleasant to look at.  You offer us no fruits, vegetables, or herbs from your branches or roots. Your branches are not strong enough for our bows or arrows; you offer no medicine; you offer no color dies; and you offer no sinew. We have no need for you on Turtle Island.  Tumble Weed was very smart and asked, “How will you deliver all those seeds throughout Turtle Island?” The Apache elder said, “We will travel North, South, East, and West and spread the seeds.”  Tumble Weed said, “You will not be successful for the seeds must be spread out quickly before the change of seasons or they will die.  You are slow on foot and few in number.  You will never accomplish this in time for proper growth; and next harvest you will have little to show for such a large tasking.”  The Apache elder thought for several minutes in silence and then asked, “Tumble Weed you are wise in your speaking, but what would you recommend?”  Tumble Weed said, “Take me up to Turtle Island and I will spread your seeds to the North, South, East, and West.”  The Apache elders asked, “How will you do such a great task?”  Tumble Weed said, “I will gather many seeds at once; then call on Cross Wind to send me North, South, East, and West. I will spread the seeds as I travel. The seeds will spread throughout every part of Turtle Island.”  The Apache elder agreed and they took Tumble Weed up to Turtle Island.  Tumble Weed would roll his body forwards and backwards, spreading the seeds as he struck the ground in a Downward Wind direction or an Upward Wind direction across the land. The next season, the plants, trees, herbs, and flowers that the Apaches would use for their diet, their medicine, and their dies were all on Turtle Island.  It is said that you can dig deep enough and find the ancient plants and trees that were left behind and not brought up to Turtle Island.  After a time, the Great Flood destroyed all of Underworld.
In battle, the Apache warriors use a single or double weapon attack towards their enemy and rotate in a vertical circular Downward Wind or Upward Wind motion/angle while alternating the timing of each arm.  A right hand strike or block would be immediately followed by a left hand strike or block and vice versa.  The strikes or blocks would continue at fast speed so it was near impossible for the enemy to defend all the strikes or blocks.  The Apaches call this the Tumble Weed tactic.  The Tumble Weed tactic can be done with the weapon[s] in a Talon or Sky grip. The weapon[s] can be on a vertical or horizontal plane. The Tumble Weed tactics work well while running towards the enemy and striking or in stationary positions. 

Monday, October 21, 2013


Apache Knife Fighting & Battle Tactic 8
By Snake Blocker, Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas

Apache Boy Kills Dragon

Painted Woman was considered the first mother of the Apache people.  She was the mother of many children, but after a time, Dragon was afraid that they would multiple too much and become greater in power and strength than he.  Dragon would smell the scent of an infant, find him or her, and eat the baby.  After the loss of many infants, Painted Woman gave birth again, but this time, she hides him deep in a cave and covered the entrance.  Dragon came around and smelled the scent of the infant, but he could not find any.  He came back, time and time again, looking for the infant but finding none.  Dragon approached Painted Woman and said, “Give me your infant, for I smell him and I know he is around!”  Painted Woman said, “You have taken all my children and it’s the old smell from the many you have taken before.”  Dragon left, but kept lurking around to try and find the boy.  Painted Woman was training the boy in the cave on all the battle tactics he would need to hunt and survive once he left the cave.  Many seasons had passed and the boy was now too big to hide in the cave. He told his mother that he was ready for adventures outside the cave.  Painted Woman warned him to be very careful, because Dragon comes around often. The boy would hide in trees and rocks while he hunted and only came back to the cave to visit his mother.  One day, Dragon came around and spotted the boy while the boy was out hunting.  Dragon said, “I knew I would find you, for I have smelled your scent for many seasons.  You will die today boy!”  The Apache boy said, “Not today, for it is not a good day to die for me, but I am hunting, and you will taste better than deer meat.”  Dragon laughed and charged towards the boy.  The boy pulled back on his bow and released an arrow.  The arrow went straight and true to Dragon’s heart area, but only one scale fell from his protected body.  Dragon laughed again and continued to charge.  The boy pulled back on his bow again and released a second arrow.  The arrow hit the heart area, but only one scale fell down from its thick coat.  The boy climbed a tree and shot at Dragon a third time, but this time, after another scale fell off, he could see the final layer of skin covering Dragon’s heart.  As Dragon was climbing the tree, the boy shot his fourth arrow, which pierced the skin and went into Dragon’s heart.  Dragon fell down from the tree and died on the ground below.  The boy brought Dragon to his mother and she rejoiced over the great news.  Painted Woman danced four cycles around Dragon and then they thanked the One Creator for the victory. 
Some Native Americans have their heart located at the center or even the right side of their body.  The Apache Warriors are taught to never assume one strike to the heart area will kill someone.  They are told to stab the heart at least four times around the chest area, to make sure their enemy is dead.  Many times, a strike hits the heart area, but misses the main vital areas by a hair width.  When an Apache strikes four times to the heart area and kills the enemy, it is called, Dragon Killer tactic.